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AJA Kona 4 Capture card

Rogier Tuinte

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I'm wondering if anyone sucessfully used a AJA Kona 4 capture card with Watchout.


After installing the Kona card in our system together with the hardware drivers, the card works fine with the AJA software and utilities but the card does not appear in the video in list in the display software.


After this I installed the AJA's DirectShow Filters. After a reboot the AJA device appears in the video in List. In the production software I created a new Live video input for the AJA device. Signal input SDI, Video Standard 720p50. I tried different settings without succes. 


Other capture cards like the (Datapath VisionRGB-E2s and Blackmagic studio SDI) are working fine in this system.


Tested both with Watchout V5.5 and V6


Any idea's? 



Kind regards,


Rogier Tuinte

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Likewise I have just tried to day as I have a Kona card around. Having installed the direct show drivers it shows up in the list of live inputs but cannot get an image to screen. Interestingly it only shows me 3 inputs available, not 4.


Will Watchout ever support these cards?






WATCHOUT does not have any support for specific vendors cards.

i.e. WATCHOUT is NOT written to the proprietary protocol every card vendor would prefer you use.


WATCHOUT supports the generic capture card protocol - Microsoft Windows Driver Model (WDM).

WATCHOUT works ok with other vendors multi-input cards via WDM.


So the question is, when will Kona clean up their WDM driver?

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On 4/25/2023 at 5:32 AM, LeoHamelin said:

… I runed into the same issue with the Deltacast SDI capture card. …

a bit of a surprise, Dataton include Deltacast capture cards in most WATCHPAX 6x series servers.

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