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Geometry correction won't change display


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I have two Displays coming from one pc and one of my displays will not respond to geometry correction.  It is stacked under the other display (for intensity and back up) on a different tier and when I change the geometry in the display window it changes, but nothing changes from the projector on stage.  hmmm

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Have you turned on "Live update" in Stage > Live Update? Also, make sure that you're online.


Owen should have mentioned he is using 5.5.2


We have communicated offline ....


Hi again, I tried copying my displays from the base tier and then assigning them to the second output from my pc's with great succes.  I was able to see image warp through both outputs.



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From: jfk


I just tested using WATCHOUT v5.5.2

Two tiers on stage window (Base tier and new tier 'Mirror')

Two 2-output computers.

Each computer splits one 1920x1080 output to each of the two tiers.

File Preferences frame rate set to 60. Displays are 60 Hz native.

And geometry works as expected on all outputs.


Not sure what we are doing differently.


My test show started out with only a base tier and all four outputs on the base tier.

I created a second tier and then cut one display for each computer from base,

then pasted them on to the new second 'Mirror' tier.

I can manipulate and see geometry changes on all outputs.

I first tried using full mode for all outputs.

I then cleared all geometry and used a different geometry mode on each output

(one each Perspective, Horizontal, Vertical, and Full)

to see if that matters, still works correctly.


I then decided maybe because I had all four displays working on the base tier first,

that might matter. So I created a new show, from the start

placed one display on the base tier, created a new tier,

and then placed one new display on the second tier.

Still works as expected.





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From: Owen


Hi, I posted on the Forum the other day, but here is my issue

I am running two HD outputs from one PC.  One output is on the base tier and I have tiered the other output below it.  I have done this so that I have double intensity and a back up in case one of my projectors goes down during my show.

My issue is that second output does not respond to geometry correction when I make changes to the display.  I can open the display menu and make changes to the geometry, but I don't see any changes to the actual output from projectors.

I have been able to make changes on the base tier for my primary output, (output #1), but nothing on the second output.

I also have a second pc configured similarly for two different projectors and those outputs are responding the same way, output #1 on the base tier will respond to Geometry correction, output 2 on different Tier does not respond.

Please let me know if what I am doing wrong.

Info:Purpose build Watchout pcs running window 7, four output video cards, only using 2 outputs.

Watchout version 5.5.2


Thank you





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