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Tiling Textures


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I forgot to mentio there are some options controlling the behavior of extended texture corrdinates on the Advanced tab of the Cue that displays the 3D object. See under "TEXTURE" here:




These options control whether and how the texture will "tile" when using extended UV coordinates, with the following options:


Repeat Image Side by Side. The texture you apply will be shown repeatedly, side by side, for as large a range as required. For instance, if the texture range in the 3D model is five wide by five tall, 25 copies of the texture will be shown in a 5-by-5 arrangement.

Repeat by Mirroring Even Copies. This option is similar to the previous one, but will cause copies at even positions in the grid to be mirrored or flipped. This works better with some textures to create a more seamless look.

Extend image edge pixels. In this mode, texture coordinates that fall outside the 0…1 range will be filled with whatever color is at the closest edge in the texture you provide.

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