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Hi Watchouter,

i am trying to get something like a "random value" to my Watchout Show to get a lot of pictures via the Dynamic Image Server shown all over my Screen without the need to specify every Position of each picture individually...

I hope this is understandable, if not feel free to ask ;)


Thanks in advance...

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I'm not aware of any automatic method for accomplishing this. I guess you could manage positioning from some external control system, and there write a script feeding values to WATCHOUT in some random fashion. But I think you're better off creating something in WATCHOUT that has a "random look" to it, positioning objects manually using one or a few auxiliary timelines.


Having a number of auxiliary timelines to alter between will avoid always having the same look, making it appear more "random". You can set up trigger conditions for those auxiliary timelines so they alter among themselves by using the new "Generic Variable". Add a cue to each of the aux timelines, setting such a variable to a different value. Then use that value in the trigger condition to choose among those "randomized" timelines, thus making different timelines start when the basic triggering condition is met. This will add some sense of "randomness" to the end result.


See more here:




Note that the ability to use outputs as part of task triggering expressions is new in WATCHOUT 6, specifically designed to allow this kind of internal control within WATCHOUT itself.

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