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Mac Mini as a display computer


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Hi All,


I heard recently that people successfully use Mac Mini as a display machine using Bootcamp.


I would love to know if this is possible.


- What are the ups and downs?

- What are the recommended specs for the mac mini?

- How many outputs you can get from each mac (i know that it has 1 hdmi, 1 MDP, but heard you can extend the MDP to 3 outputs).

- Can you use a capture card using a USB 3 port?


Thanks you so much,

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  • Dataton Partner

Hi there. Apparently nobody active here is using this that way. My I ask why you would like to achieve this as oppose to using wp2 for instance?

With regards to capture card : for a PowerPoint presentation of such, yes, capturing via usb3 (or preferably thunderbolt (use a tb hub if you need the outputs) will work. Live camera will lead to too much of a delay to my knowledge.

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We succesfully use Mac Pro Cylinders with bootcamp as display computers.

I think a Mac Mini as a display computer is not worth it becasuse you can only use 2 video outputs (1 HDMI and one MDP). I don't know if the 3 outputs with one MDP works fine.

The other thing is that if you want a fast capture card, you don't have adittional ThunderBolt Ports, you must use USB 3.0, and the lattency of that cards is worse than TB.

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