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Vision SD4+1s video capture card with Show Server Cube


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I have a Show*Server CUBE:  Intel i7 Quad-core CPU (i7-4770K), 16GB RAM, 128GB OS SSD, 512GB WATCHOUT/Media SSD, Quad-output 2GB Graphics Card (FirePro W4100). I have a Datapath Vision SD4+1s video capture card installed in the PCIe x4 slot of the Show Server. The capture card requires a PCIe x4 slot. So I don't think the capture card will steal bandwidth from the graphics card in the computer. I am trying to capture four standard def camera signals that I can use as live inputs on four outputs going to projectors. The cameras look great and have very little delay. I was very impressed with the quality and the ease of hookup. As I continued to test this system I did see some issue with cross dissolving from a movie/video to the live camera video. You see a little stutter in the movie/video just before the dissolve to the live cameras. Once the dissolve has happened everything seems to run smooth. Just wondering what could be causing the bottleneck in making the video stutter. Is it the video card, the computers processor or the ram that would make it stutter? Are there any tricks to possibly make this run more smooth or am I asking too much out of this computer? If I only used two display outputs instead of the four would the computer and the video card handle the four live inputs better? Or does the video card even know that I am only using two outputs? Any help would be appreciated.



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The live video isn't enabled as long as it's invisible. The small stutter you see may be a side effect of the live video being activated. You may be able ti improve this by making sure the live video is activated eariler, when there's less activity in the scene. Are you fading it up with a tween track or by external control?

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