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External Control of Virtual Display positions??


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Just wondering if there is a way to, or if there is an option to add external control of the virtual display positions. The idea being that if LED screens are tracking or moving on stage external control of these positions would allow a single file to span the entire canvas and as each LED panel arrangement tracked across the stage the watchout position would stay in sync with it and the image would be correctly mapped accordingly.

Hope this make sense. 

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There is already an option for external control of Virtual Displays similar to other media files, in the Advanced tab:

- double-click on the virtual display you want in the Timeline

- in the Media Cue pop-up > Advanced > and enable External Control of Position, Scale and Rotation

- Now when you add a Position, Scale or Rotation Tween, the Function 'F' will be visible in the track header for you to add your formula.


In regards to your desire to track motion of screens, etc, this thread will be of interest -



and the Spikemark blog pointed out by Mike -




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Thanks Thomas unfortunately you are talking about moving the Virtual Displays output around on the displays output. This doesn't accomplish what I am asking.

Say for example I have a image stretched across a stage area. If I have multiple segments of LED screen laid out across that stage each showing a portion of that image. (this is exactly how the demo video shows the use of Virtual displays for LED screens).

If I physically move the location of those screens across the stage with a track etc I would like to reflect that new position and ideally the moving there in Watchout in the stage window so that the LED screens on stage show the underlying graphic essentially staying still stretched across the canvas of the stage.


Mike I understand that you can control position of media but this doesn't really accomplish the same result. Take your demo video of Virtual Displays and LED screens. In scene 1 the screens are rigged in an arch and the content plays out nicely across all of them. In the next scene I want to lift the top of the arch and track out the left and right of the arch but still show the graphic stretched over it all correctly lined up. Would be difficult to match up with individual bits of content.



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