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Realtime Tracking in Watchout


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I wanted to ask if someone has experience with realtime tracking solid objects on a stage (screens e.g.)


What kind of software hardware bundle are there on the market? For example I found Optitrack. They sell IR cams and software to track something.


Could I directly set that as an generic Input (and HOW)? Or do I need an Interface Software and if yes which and how to set it up basically.


In the past I managed to get MIDI in/out and trigger things/tweens on my timeline and DMX is also no problem but how the generic Input works in Watchout eluded me. The section in the manual is also not very... large. Once I got the kinect to work with the pieces provided by Dataton (Academy) but that was a long time ago and drivers and SDK's changed and it never worked again...



Also question in the direction of Dataton: is there somewhere a plan on a roadmap to bring out a proprietary tracking system like coolux does?


I guess IR based cam system can't be that complicated to bring in. Could it be that harder than DMX or MIDI? but how to setup a software to output over tcp/ip correctly I haven't yet out correctly.


Perhaps someone is willing to share some insights on this - something more than that I would need a "glue" to output something there and get it into watchout. Some small practical example of inputting some things "generic" to Watchout would also be of much help and appreciated a lot



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