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Hi everyone,

I've browsed through the forum and I haven't been able to find an answer to my question, so hopefully this isn't a repeat. I've noticed over the last couple of shows that I've programmed that once I update from my programming laptop to the two playback servers that the content is being loaded onto the C: drive of the machines. Is there a way that I can change where the show's are stored on the playback machines? Or do I simply re-install WATCHOUT onto the D drive?

We're currently running version 5.5.1 on the playback machines.

Any input would be great!





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Just checking, is it -ShowsPath, as it is in the referred link, or -ShowPath, as it is referred in other topic somewhere on this forum?


Good question...but in this case, it does not seem to make a difference. '-ShowPath' and '-ShowsPath' will both work.


Bear in mind that the option is only available to Display PCs. From one of my earlier posts, it did not work for me because I tried it on a Production PC shortcut. My boo-boo, then. Wiser now :D .


Thomas Leong

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