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Hi I am running 5.5.1, i want to update them to 5.5.2 so they can all be running the same software, I can't see where to push the update to them, any direction will help, thanks.


When you go online to the WATCHPAX from WATCHOUT Production,

WATCHOUT Production will detect any difference in version (either higher or lower version number),

and offer to push the matching version to the WATCHPAX.

Once the update begins, ignore any messages that may occur during the change (like license key not found, etc)

and hands off until the process is complete.


Only attempt a version change to a version approved for WATCHPAX (v5.5+).

WATCHOUT Production is not smart enough to know acceptable version,

if you attempt to update to a version prior to v5.5,

you may lose your WATCHPAX requiring a return trip to the factory.


Also, before upgrading to v6,

use v5 license Manager to confirm the WATCHPAX is v6 ready.

If it is not v6 ready, you must use v5.5.x to upgrade the license

prior to using v6.x to upgrade the WATCHPAX software version.

If you attempt a software upgrade to v6 to a WATCHPAX that is not v6 ready,

again, you will lose the unit, requiring a return trip to the factory for repair.



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