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WO for Game Show?

Michael Scheck

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Hi all, 

we have a project this summer that is going to be a game show. I am thinking about programming the interaction in Watchout. We will have two buzzers that should trigger some things, but most important should reliably show who pressed first. I am thinking of using a GPI to Midi interface into Watchout. Each buzzer should trigger a timeline that then should start some grafics, send out a midi-command to the light desk, play a sound and also disable the other buzzer. 



My question is: Would WO be reliable enough to distinguish the first "hit" of the two buzzers or should I put some electronics in between that detects the first hit? Any experience on these kind of things? 




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You may get close, and WO6 has some new abilities to program such logic internally. But it's hard to give hard guarantees that there will never be a "double fire" if the two buttons are pressed at the very same time. So if you want to make 100% sure, I would add some logic in front of WATCHOUT that arbitrates this, then triggers timelines as appropriate. It can be a quite simple program.

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