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WATCHOUT 6.1.1 is released


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WATCHOUT 6.1.1 is released and available for downloadThis version contains a number of improvements and bug fixes.



  • Greatly improved video playback and overall performance of the display software.
  • Calibration tab is disabled when not online and in live update. A message is shown stating that live update is required for calibration.
  • It is now possible to attach a preview movie to any video proxy.
  • Added ability to nudge display masks and their points using arrow keys.
  • It is now possible to enable/disable multiple display masks all at once.
  • Added option to preview Virtual Display media in high quality.

Bug fixes

  • Pre-split video proxies now work with live update.
  • A number of crash or hang bugs in the production software have been fixed.
    • It would crash sometimes when adding a geometry point to a display.
    • Occasionally it would crash when opening a show that had many geometry points added.
    • Sometimes it would crash when adding a display mask point.
    • It would hang if you switched to a composition window while that same composition was playing on the main timeline.
  • Midi inputs now consistently route to the correct input variable.
  • Possible to select Video In or Audio Out device in the display software menu, regardless of computer.
  • Fixed editing of values in the text fields in the Geometry Tab of the Display Dialog.
  • Occasional remote software upgrade errors fixed.
  • Low audio volume in the production software corrected.
  • Transparency of Dynamic Image media with http content now works properly.
  • Auto Save no longer activates after you manually save the show, unless you make a change to the show.


Let me know if you have any questions.


Best Regards,



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I've just upgraded and if I try to open a show made with 6.0.2 I get an error message saying bad numeric value on line 4091, offending item: -nan; File version; 6.0.2. Does this mean versions are not backwards compatible?


Please send the show file to support@dataton.com.


Shows made with 6.0.x should definately be able to open in 6.1.x, but after saving it there you can not go back to 6.0.x.

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