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Mixed Network Best Practices


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I am looking for advice and best practices when using Watchout on a mixed use network. I have full control over my segment of the network, which is on enterprise grade hardware (Meraki).

The need for a mixed use network arises from a requirement for an NDI feed of a device logged into a video conference to be used in Watchout. 

Other than the obvious pitfalls of exposing show machines to internet (rogue windows updates, etc.), what other things should I be aware of?

I don't have additional NICs available for the production or display machine to have a separate network for NDI, as I need to do this for an event in just over 48 hours.


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Once the media has travvelled to your servers, WATCHOUT only needs a very small bandwidth. You need to make sure that you do not block ports and WATCHOUT uses TCP and UDP ports for the communication. I assume that you don't have bored technicians sitting in your network streaming videos all the time during the event!

NDI uses appr. 125 Mbit/s for each encoder or decoder (FHD).

So as long as you don't want to push WATCHOUT, NDI, a big lighting network over Artnet plus many channels over Dante through your network, I don't see a lot of problems here.

WATCHOUT wouldn't really work with more than one NIC on a server or on the production computer anyway.

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