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Errors reported in Watchout typically originate from two sources.


WATCHOUT internal error's always provide a text description,

and never include a numeric error code.


Errors containing numeric codes originate

 from the Windows operating system (OS).

i.e. points to the hardware / OS for resolution


To interpret an OS error code,

tip: a google search for the error code number is often effective


Note: WATCHOUT presents the error value in decimal format.

Often Microsoft documentation lists the error value in hex format,

and OR  search for both.


Numeric error codes occur when 

WATCHOUT has sent an instruction to the OS

and instead of completing the instruction,

the OS has responded with an error.

WATCHOUT passes that OS error message through 

so that it can retain foreground operation

(providing the error is non-fatal).


You may see OS errors even with WATCHPAX.

Those typically trace back to display output disruption,

often from a distortion or loss of the EDID handshake.

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