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Timeline won't run


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Hi everyone,

I encountered a bug today that I can't seem to find the origin. Now it even happens on a clean new project.

Simply, my timeline is stuck on pause.

- Online checked

- Live Update checked


Normally I should be able to press Space to see my media and animations play, but it won't.

I can move the playhead and the preview will follow in WATCHOUT Production. Only when I do CTRL+D (Update) will the Display go the the right time (without playing).


I am able to open a telnet connection with the Display and send it 'run' and 'gotoTime' commands, and it works.


Did I miss an option in WATCHOUT Production or is it somehow bugged ?



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Not a bug. Incorrect preparation of the production (watchmaker) computer.

Common issue when the watchmaker computer has more than one active NIC.

To confirm this, turn off all NICs (including WiFi if present) on the watchmaker computer

other than the one connected to the WATCHOUT network. Your issue will go away.


To run multiple NICs, you must make the watchmaker NIC the Windows default NIC.

reference: Multiple network cards on a W6 machine?

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To further explain what is going on, 

watchmaker has two distinct functions -

content editing (leisure time) transmitted as TCP packets and

rudimentary playback control (time critical) transmitted as UDP multi-cast packets.


When operating watchmaker in the online state,
watchmaker acts as the system timing master (cluster master).
Transport status (run, halt, etc), current system time, show name ... and all aspects of system status
are continuously transmitted in a cycle via UDP multi-cast.
In the case above, the TCP communication is successful, the UDP is lost


i.e. TCP/IP is determinant and finds the correct NIC.
UDP is not determinant and travels via the default Windows path.
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