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Watchpax WiFi Option


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You can not change the wireless setting on a WATCHPAX,

you must setup the wireless network to match the fixed settings in the WATCHPAX.




Set up the wireless router as DHCP with the following settings:

Network name: WP

WPA2 Password: 3360Watchpax

Connect the the WIFI-USB ADAPTER DWA-121

to one of the USB ports of the WATCHPAX.

Ensure the WATCHPAX is

NOT connected to an ethernet network with a cable.

Power up.

The WATCHPAX will automatically connect to the network ”WP”

   and show up in the Network window in WATCHOUT Production.


IEEE 802.11n and 802.11g compliant


Above info found in ADAPTER WIFI-USB DWA-121 art. No. 2023

that is packed with the product and also found on dataton.com

Wasn't the easiest thing to find though, starting from the WATCHOUT page

you have to scroll down to near the bottom where you

see most of the WATCHOUT family product listings.

Don't click on the picture of the WATCHPAX,

that will not get you there.

Just above that is a single line horizontal menu

labeled SHOP and to the right of it select WATCHPAX

That will bring up the accessory listings for WATCHPAX

and from there you can drill into the Wifi adaptor listing for the detail above.

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