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Getting auxiliary timeline State


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Just wondering is it possible to ping the state of an auxiliary timeline in Watchout? Like if i send it a command to play auxiliary timeline "A1" and lets say somehow i don't know if its playing or not. is there a command i can send to Watchout to get the state of auxiliary timeline "A1" either in ture/false or anyother format? 

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This information is outdated as of version 6.4 if the new folder feature in the task window is used.
Yes, the state of an auxiliary timeline / timeline task
(0 = dead, 1 = paused, 2 = playing.)
 is available through the getStatus command.





Above is excerpted from an old document, but this stuff rarely changes (sometimes it expands).






getStatus 2



This is a short form for the main timeline,



for an auxiliary timeline you have to add the additional parameter as shown above.



But I wanted to explain the integer value that must precede



the parameter where you specify the timeline name.



The numeric value refers to the optional subscription function:



0 = disable



1 = enable



2 = one-shot poll



If you set it to 1 (as in the example), you will receive a continuos stream



of unprompted status messages



at about 1-2 second intervals, until you disable it.



Set to 2, you will receive only one response.






Subscriptions are to avoid bogging down WATCHOUT



with high frequency of status requests.



Subscription output is a scheduled event and adjusts to system load,



one shot polls are interrupt based and if sent to often,



can impact system performance.


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