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Mac Pro/Mini Bootcamp WO 6?


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Am using Macbook pro Boot-camped Win 7 Pro  as a Display machine With Datapath E2S Card using In external Thunderbolt Express SE 2 For cards and blackmagic  Decklink Duo in it  and thunderbolt studio ....

4 Display output .., 2 display from laptop one from Dock station ( its running good with 5 input at a Time 2 Video playing in loop..)

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...  external Thunderbolt Express SE 2 For cards ...


please elaborate? i.e how about a link?


'MacBook Pro' covers a wide variety of model variations,

and certainly not all of them will work with Windows 7.



Not exactly sure what " Mac pro trashcans " means,

but it is a fair guess it is the current models of Mac Pro Quad-Core and Mac Pro 6-Core.

Neither of those computers will run Windows 7 in bootcamp.

Nor will current model Mac minis.


As such, until Dataton completes certification of windows 10,

it may be a bit premature to use the most recent model Macs in bootcamp.

(And I face that dilemma myself with a recently acquired. MacBook Pro 15" Touchbar.

bootcamp with windows 10 only :(    patiently waiting ...)

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I've been running the "trashcan" Mac Pros with win 8.1 (Jim is correct, they won't run Win 7).  I use them for both displays and production.  They work great, although for the money a dedicated PC will be more bang for the buck.  Since we use the machines for other purposes as Macs, it was easy to install boot camp and give them an additional use for WO.


I am also using the last Macbook Pro retina machine for production (also win 8.1).  Haven't tried using it for display, but seems like it should work.


I've used older Mac Minis for production and display with Win 7.  They aren't very beefy, but will run some simple stuff.

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Yes, the mid 2015 Retina was the last to support Windows 8.1

Current models will not work with Win 8, Windows 10 only.


Apple publishes lists of computers compatible with each Windows variant.

(At each link, scroll down to find the list of Apple models compatible with that version of Windows)


Apple computers compatible with Windows 7


Apple computers compatible with Windows 8


Apple computers compatible with Windows 10

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Thanks Guys - 


Yes- I was talking about the Mac Pro 6,1 (late 2013) -  I too, would have more all around uses for the mac pro, when not a watchout display.  I was curious as to how the Firepro D300 does with 3 to 4 WUXGA displays. 






these may be of help ...

If WATCHOUT works with Mac?

4K Playback Headroom

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