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Magewell 4 hdmi input capture card ?

Ricky d

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Never tried the one you mention. I have the (since discontinued) low-profile legacy card which captures SDI or DVI, and sold 2 of the bigger brothers for Watchout use. Works fine with Watchout. Latency perhaps about 2-4 frames slower than the Datapath models. And someone else here has used the USB-HDMI model with Watchout as well.


On their software compatibility page, Watchout is listed as compatible. That may be re-assuring?



Thomas Leong

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Hi, the card is working and we have both the 4x HDMI and 4x SDI on our test bench. For WATCHOUT 6.1.5 (released by the end of this week) we use Magewell's low latency mode but the latency is still 1-2 slower than Datapath's cards. WATCHOUT 6.1.5 also adds better support for their USB devices as well (or any USB video capture that uses standard microsoft drivers).

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