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Anyone know of a LOW PROFILE graphics card that can use eyefinity to drive 3 screens?


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Hello all,


We are try to build some machines that would allow us to use the new multi-output feature to drive three screens per computer. Due to some specification requirements outside of Watchout, we were hoping to be able to use a chassis that only affords low profile cards. Does anyone know of any low profile cards what will meet our needs or do we need to reevaluate our computer options to find a full height option?


Thanks for any help!


- Craig

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Best I know is 6790 or 6850 both dual dvi, hdmi and 2 dp, you need one active dp to dvi adapter


I using it on my 15 pc's with quite low specs


2 regular hard drives each one 500gb

i3 processor

2gb ram

Win 7 pro 32 bit

Asus motherboard


Nothing fancy but works like a charm


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