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Configuazione minima intel I7 980 MB intel DX58OG

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Hello everyone I am a new user just came up to watchout and I think a good software. I found an opportunity composed of hardware of quoted and I wonder if by your esperiensa is able to support a DVI dual input card and a single SDI input. The cards are the magewell Capture Pro Dual DVI and SDI Capture Pro.
The video card is a firepro V5900.
Will have to be used to control up to a maximum two outputs inputs they will be used all at once.
Will not have to do mapping or 3D but only Convenscion and then live camera and PC with powerpoint.
Sorry for my English from google translator.
Thank you all for your attention and for those unque can get this doubt.

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Hi Salvo, welcome to the Watchout community.

It may be the translation, but there doesn't seem to be a question in your post.

Are you asking if certain hardware can be used with WO?

Having well balanced hardware on the server side is key to getting reliable performance. Make sure that all aspects of your hardware meets with WO standards and always test your equipment and media before going live.

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