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Display computer and Ram


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this is probably a stupid question but is there any point in building a display machine with more then 8 gb of ram? since watchout is 32bit won't it cap it 4 gb of ram usage? or does it preload the files somewhere else so more ram mean more video can be preloaded? 



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We usually use 16GB, sometimes 32GB of RAM for our server builds.WATCHOUT is 32bit software but if you use graphic cards with 8GB video RAM or even more it is good to use more RAM. X99 mainboards usually have quad RAM architecture and you should use 4 bars in such a computer. With other mainboards it may be different but always use the number of bars which fit to your mainboard architecture.


Capture cards also use parts of the RAM and if you use those a little bit more RAM capacity won't harm. 

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As Rainer mentioned, make sure you put enough memory modules in to utilise the full memory bandwidth. While Watchout is a 32-bit application and as such cannot adress more than 4 GB of memory, there is absolutely a benefit in having more that 4 GB, since watchout can then get its entire adress space mapped to ram. If there is only 4 GB physical RAM in the machine, that will have to be shared among all running processes, including the operating system. This assumes that you are running a 64-bit version of Windows, of course. Additionally, Watchout can in many cases benefit from even more RAM, since windows will use any available RAM for caching files, including media files used by Watchout. However, I don't think going from 8 GB to 16 GB or going from 16 GB to 32 GB will make a big impact on performance in most cases. It might not even be noticeable, while in other cases where you are pushing the system it could make a difference. 



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