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black screen


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i have a running project ( for a week ) with around 100 pictures on a timeline.

each picture have opacity for fade in and out. on a press on a tablet, i send commands :

run ( to fade out )

gototime ( to go to the selected picture, and fade in )

after opacity go to 100% it pause until the next tablet press.

half of the pictures are followed by dmx light - each picture have unique light and it turns all other off.

when the client press fast on the same picture ( only the ones with the light ) it goes to black, and if he press after a couple of seconds on another picture it shows the older picture for a second and go back to black.

what can cause this? 


another question - i have a task to kill all lights , task with 50 layers- all dmx i have in 0% and i think this causes this problem.

is there another way to kill all lights and then light on the dmx i need ?


thank you,



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Your description is not so clear, but I guess that something wrong with "killing" a running TimeLine.

You can send me directly your show file and I'll have a look on it.


Michael Humash


Digital AV - ISRAEL

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