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edgeblend problem newbe


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Hi All 


Need a lilte help.

I´m going a edgeblend with 2 panasionic projectors and i use panasonic´s auto setup for egdeblend and colormacthing. and that works fine also with a white background. but when i use WO 6 and and setup my displays with overlap and put on a white background i get the black shadow where my egdeblend is.


i is like that WO6 edgeblend comes on by auto. is it posible to disable this and how to do it


KR Simon  

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Yes, by default, any displays overlapped on the same stage tier will automatically edge blend.

To defeat all automatic edge blending, go to

File - Preferences -

Remove the point in the middle by dragging it off the window.

Move the top left point to the bottom left / x-axis

and all WATCHOUT automatic blending will be disabled.


This is the default setup of the blend definition tab


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