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Controlling Barco Image-PRO II


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I am trying to control the input selection on a Barco Image-PRO II from watchout.


It seems like the TCP Command is "RTE n" n being the input number (1 for DVI, 7 for Black etc..)

It works fine from telnet. I connect in telnet, type in RTE 7, hit enter and it switches.


But in Watchout, I configured an output with the IP and Port, put in RTE 7 in the data to send and got nothing.


I also tried to add $0D, with a space, without a space, nothing worked..


Anyone has experience with this?



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I tried doing this a few years ago on version 5. I was able to get the ImagePro to switch but it had an almost 90 second delay between the command being sent and the ImagePro actually switching sources.


I know this isn't very helpful. Just posting to say I'd also be interested in a solution to this.

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