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Tablet PC inking error code ???


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Hi all,


Surface Pro 3, only 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, Windows 10 (Creators Update),  Watchout 6.14 (or 6.16... tried them both)


I am a little helpless here..., I have a gotten a very weird error messages recently.

It says:

Operating System Error: "Tablet PC inking error code. The property was not found, or supported by the recognizer; Can't read media file"

At the same time all mp4 videos that used to play for "years" or that were just created, don't play anymore,

in fact I get that message when adding them to the timeline. Instead of an image i just get an icon on the stage.

See attached screenshot.


And just to mention it, I do not use the Surface Pro for actual production, just for preparing, testing etc. plus, it all worked before.


maybe someone can help here?





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We are not using Windows 10 yet since it introduces too many problems still. The error message points into the direction that the render engine can't render the files inside WATCHOUT. We had a situation with Windows 7 for a long time which looks related. In Windows 7 the Windows Media Center took control over certain codecs and blocked WATCHOUT from using them. That's why the tweaking list tells you to disable this function. I assume that there is an internal media playback software on your device which steals the codec thus preventing WATCHOUT to render it in the stage window.

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did you deaktivate the dvd Maker? Important!

Are there any installations of codec packs? If yes uninstall and restore your Lap to a date before installing the codecs. (Important).

Else: new, fresh installation of Windows-OS (always the best solution)



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