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Watchout 5.3 Feature Request


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I have just started programming my second ever watchout 5.1 show, this one has 14 HD outputs from 3 fully loaded i7 multihead machines, and my observations so far would be...


Better error handling of unsupported video types, I have some mov's from a client that when i drag them to the stage crashes watchout completely, surely the quicktime playback can be error trapped better to not completely bomb out watchout???


Auto incrementing, automatic backups, that save versions at pre-defined intervals, and as many pre-defined versions, all setable from preferences.


Easier access to change stage tiers, tabbed stage window or something like that.


Better handles for moving media around, easier (smart) handles that kind of know which piece of media you want to grab on the stage, I think this is more prevelent going forward doing huge multihead shows.


Nesting/linking of layers, to make turning on/off or locking multiple layers an easy click.


Complete interface redesign, that suits modern usage, with very thin borders on boxes, i find that i have lost screen real estate to the edges of the media/stage window. Similar to the adobe premier interface.



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