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Feature in Epson projectors to tile multiple projectors into one large virtual display


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I was perusing the manual for the epson projectors we have on order and I came across this interesting feature: https://files.support.epson.com/docid/cpd5/cpd51321/source/adjustments/container_topics/multi_projector_tiling_images_container.html


Where essentially using only the projector built-in software (in a networked environment), seemingly independent of the VGA Card or WO's capabilities, you may tile up to 9 projectors into one large screen.




The questions then becomes:


1. Does this mean that 9 Epson projectors TILED together only needs ONE OUTPUT of resolution (9 x (1920 x 1200)). 


2. And it implies that only a single display cable needs to be fed to the MASTER projector. The other 8 projectors will get their signal from the master projector via the network (or by magic).




If this is true, then it is mind-blowing because one GTX1080 card (or its siblings) can handle theoretically up to (4 x 9) or 36 Epson projectors.


Has anyone tried this feature in an Epson projector (any Epson reps hanging around here)? It sounds too good to be true.




PS. This particular Epson projector also has built in edge blending feature so you can edge blend the 9 projectors by only using the internal menu of the projectors before firing up WO.

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