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You can accomplish something very similar to that by placing the cues in a composition.

The composition then becomes a cue on a timeline

which you can apply tweens that act on all objects active in the composition.

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Sorry for hijacking the thread but, having done exactly what JFK suggests in the past - put a bunch of cues in a composition in order to fade them all off at the same time - am I the only one seeing problems when the cues don't all have the same blend mode?


The problem I saw was with a composition containing an image in 'normal' blend mode and another layer for the shadow in 'multiply' blend mode. When the composition was placed in the main timeline with an opacity tween, the layer with the 'multiply' blend mode would pop on and off instead of fading. Not sure if it was a limitation of the graphics card in the client's machine or expected behaviour... In the end, I reverted to a bunch of layers in the main timeline and copying the opacity tween between them (which is a pain) but avoided the unsightly behaviour, and I haven't had a chance to test on another machine yet to see if I can replicate the problem.

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I have seen this issue as well on 6.0-6.02. It's even worse when using a matte layer. Overall, I've had to revert to multiple layers on the main timeline as I cannot rely on compositions for smooth fades even with compositions containing only one video cue and one still image.


After switching to Hap codec from mp4/h.264 this problem has mostly gone away, but it's still not perfect in 6.02.

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