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Aux Timeline...I'm doing something wrong


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I apologize for my stupidity.  I'm new to Watchout.  I've been able to create everything I need to create in a moderately complex show.  In an effort to write cues I have developed a series of Aux Timelines (as per suggestions in previous threads).  I have written control cues to start these timelines.  Problem is..the control cues don't work.  I click on Task, add a timeline, name it.  Place a control cue on the main timeline, don't normally name it, I click Tell: Timeline Named: <insert name, case sensitive>.  The only other thing checked is the "Run" option.  Click ok.   Go to main timeline, press the spacebar to execute the control cue/ aux timeline.  Nothing.  


I'm certain I'm doing something stupid easy wrong.  I would be forever grateful if anyone knows what it might be, and they would tell me.  


Thanks in advance.

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