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24p captation on 60p projection


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for a future project, a client want to shoot a scene with projection and live action.

The DOP wants to shoot in 24fps but the projectors (barco HDF30-flex) will of course be in 60p.


Do we agree, that even if I genelock my AMD firepro graphic cards (with nanosycHD and AMD S400) and the cameras (arri alexas) all in 24p, the projectors will stay in 60p and I still will have some drop frames of black scanning ? 


So far my options are : 


- go LED

- convince the DOP to shoot in 30p (and ad a motion blur in post)


Do you see other options ?

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you wont have black frames but jerky motion.

If the project is especially filmed and produced for that event, even a DOP should agree to shoot in a framerate that makes it look best.

Just try it out on a 60hz monitor and show him a comparison. Best example or worst case aer horizontal movements/pans.


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