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Run Watchent as windows background service


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this is a question/feature request. Do you consider a possibility to run watchnet as windows service? Do you have any experience with turning watchnet in to the windows service by some third party software? Do you think it would work? 

Because it would make sense, as watchnet is kind of server application and if you connect remotely to the computer with watchnet you have to restart when you leave. And the computer have to be configured to log in user  and start watchnet automatically. Or do you have any better approach / procedure?

Thank you for any advice 


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What do you want to achieve? Run the user interface on the same computer as the WATCHNET server?


For the normal operation as a GUI (panel) server, you do not need to log into WATCHNET locally. Only the browsers which you use to control the installation have to connect to the WATCHNET server and this can be done by pointing the URL directly to the correct panel.


WATCHNET can be started through the autostart folder of Windows.

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For example, I completely reinstalled control computer with watchnet, there are only windows 7, watchnet 1.4, watchout 1.6. Watchnet is set to autostart with windows and five times it starts ok and than it fails to start with this error message in the log:


2017-11-24 21:31:42,260 INFO  WATCHNET Server stopped
it stops because of restart, but it doesn't start after the restart:
2017-11-24 21:35:04,822 ERROR WATCHNET Creating server; AxProtector Java Error: Method [Class [com.dataton.sm.worker.Discoverer$2] -> <init> (Lcom/dataton/sm/worker/Discoverer;)V ] was loaded before any entry point.
Do you know what is the problem and how can I avoid it? 
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