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Projector's output shows distorted picture


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Hi everyone,


I would like to know why one of the projector's output can show distorted projection (middle part of the stage), or sometimes to blink (losing connection).

  • Projection usually blinks after switching on the power to the projector, first few seconds of triggering the media files to show, but sometimes can blink or switch off completely on different timings.


This issue can be solved sometimes with switching off the power on the projection and switching on again, or putting the Watchout in offline mode.


Please see the photos:




Kindest Regards.


Please see the photos:


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  • Moderator

First off, it is a bad idea to disconnect the display connection (i.e. power off / on projector)

 when the WATCHOUT Display computer is powered on.

This has nothing to do with WATCHOUT

 and everything to do with the behavior of graphics cards.

With most graphics cards, any disruption in the display connection

will result in a graphics card full reset (hence the blink you describe).

I am surprised you do not encounter output re-ordering

when you power off / on the projector with WATCHOUT Display computer running.

But again, different graphic cards will behave differently under that scenario.


Standard practice is to power on displays and confirm all display connections

prior to powering up the WATCHOUT Display computer.


What kind of display chain is being used (the connection end to end from computer to projector)?

It sort of looks like things we used to see with analog connections.

Also, have you checked to see if geometry correction is mistakenly enabled on that output?

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