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Quicktime Animation Problem


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i have a Video (QT Animation) 10 sec, 1152 x 200 pixel with alpha

when i import the mediafile, the file is over 6 minutes with only 300x 216 pixel

i create the file with apple motion und export with compressor

Watchout 5.1


every qt animation after import has only 300x216


In qt player the file is shown correctly with the orig resolution


import the file on another production pc, work fine


the problem is the production pc

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import the file on another production pc, work fine

So you're saying that the same QT Animation file works fine on WATCHOUT 5.1 on another production PC? Just to make sure I understood you correctly.

My guess is that you have something installed on the problematic PC that interfers with WATCHOUTs ability to read this file. You may want to look for CD burning software (e.g. Nero) or 3rd party media players, which sometimes install components that may cause problems. If you find any such, try uninstalling that software to see if the problem goes away.



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