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No Signal in Martin P3 Processor


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We are having problems with the output of the Watchout display PC. Our setup is as follow:


1 Watchout Production PC and  1 Display PC processed by Martin P3 Processor.


The two P3’s are not receiving the signal from the Display PC. At startup the PC startup sequence appears on the output video wall and in the P3 user interface, then it jumps back to the No Signal screen.


All lines have been checked and the signal is running uninterrupted. The only irregularity I could find is when opening the WATCHOUT software it says Licence Key Not Found. When I try and open a show file the Program is Not Responding box pops up.

I have a Key Installer .exe on the Display PC, the complication is that the only way I can operate the Display PC and see its windows display is if I start it up in Safe Mode and Windows in Safe Mode does not allow me to run the .exe. When starting the Display PC in normal Windows operating mode I can’t operate it in its Windows interface. I have used multiple monitors and outputs from the back of the PC to no avail.


Does this sound like a license key problem?

How can I access the Windows interface when the PC is running as normal?

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Do you have a WATCHOUT (WO) license dongle plugged into the USB port of each WO PC?  WO requires that the Production PC and the Display PC have a physical license dongle (https://www.dataton.com/shop/watchout) in order to communicate with each computer.  If you have the physical keys installed in a USB port, then you might try them in different USB ports to see if they are seen.  You may have a bad USB port.  

You should not have to run windows in Safe mode for WO to work.

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Sounds like you are new to Watchout!

1. You must have a Watchout USB Licence Key on both the Production PC and Display PC for them to communicate with each other.

2. The Display PC runs Watchpoint.exe; the Production PC runs Watchmaker.exe.

3. The Display PC can be remotely accessed from the Production PC. When Display PC is being remotely accessed, whatever show is loaded stops running, i.e. you should not access the Windows interface when the Display PC is running a loaded show.


I would suggest your next best step is to approach the dealer you bought the Watchout licence keys from, for basic training, as he would be the most qualified person to help you get your systems operational.


good luck!

Thomas Leong

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