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Perspective and Vanishing Point - how to relate to projector


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Hi I am using Watchout for a show where we will be projecting on flat screens that can be moved around within the projector coverage area, and can also be rotated around their vertical axis.  It seems that using 3D position and rotation on the video layers would be a great solution to this, but I am wondering how to set the perspective and vanishing point correctly to relate to the projector distance, lens angle, and vertical shift / offset? (vertical shift is set to 100% downward in our case)  Is there any guidance on how to tie Watchout perspective and vanishing point correctly to these real-world attributes?




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2D screens and virtual screens can only sit on Z=0. The vanishing point is actually a feature for 3D stereoscopic projections.


One solution for your setup might be to use 3D projectors, where you can and have to set the vertical shift correctly, and 3D objects with UV-meshs as screens. 3D objects can be controlled through tweens which could help to move or rotate them according to your timeline. Have not tried that myself in this way though.


Be aware that moving screens nearer or further away from your projectors will change the focus point and this of course can neither be corrected in post-pro or WATCHOUT.

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