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Linearity correction with a cylindrical screen


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Hello people!


When trying to correct geometry on a curved surface, I’m running into an issue with linearity being way off on the sides of the surface (since there’s a big difference there of distance to PJ and the angle in which it’s hitting).


But vertical geometry correction doesn’t seem to have linearity adjustment.. :-/

I’m trying to avoid using full, as that will add so many extra points and othe then liniarity the mapping is pretty good.


Does anyone have any ideas or tricks to resolve this?


Thank you!

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If you're hitting the screen with keystone and the screen is curved you will probably need "full" geometry correction to get this done. If it is a short lens (e.g. those very short mirror lenses) the task is even more demanding since those lenses are not calculated (designed) for curved screens at all. I've done this on very curved screens but it takes time and patience if you do not use camera calibration.

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