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arduino board external control


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i was wondering if someone has experience with arduino board whit different type of sensors.

I use it for example to control dataton watchout show through flash.i use proximity sensors, or analog buttons to start stop jump a show.

now i am tryng to control media into watchout, for example change the position of an object on stage.

i set a generic input and change the limit value to 1023 ( i use a slider attached to the arduino interface that has 1023 steps) then i assigned this input to the position of a media on the stage ( only x position)

i set a commad file on display pc with these strings:

authenticate 1

serialport true "com11"

setinput "the name of the generic input" "value"

delay 6000

load "MyShow"



at the setinput line which value have i write?, if i write a number this will be the position on stage and works, but i want to read the values from the serial input in my case the external arduino board with the slider.

i cannot find documentation for this part, maybe, there is documentation for this?maybe i need some component inside watchout?


thanks in advance for answer

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You external device will have to conform to the WATCHOUT protocol (setInput command in this case). Alternatively, perhaps you can make it send MIDI or DMX512, which also works with WATCHOUT. However, to get the best numeric precision, using the WATCHOUT native protocol would be preferred (DMX is typically limited to 16 bit and MIDI to 14 at best).



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Thank You Mike,

i agree with you to use watchout native protocol,

i used dmx and midi in the past and i haven't problems to use it

but using genericinput and setinput command have some problems to make it works correctly,

i want to assign a variable value in the setinput command.

is there documentation about it or are you programming something for the future maybe components or "plugins" for watchout?



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