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TCP/UDP Control Help Please!


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I'm a complete novice at Watchout but my company has inherited a system from a now defunct company and the client has asked to change out the Control System.

what I need to do is send UDP/TCP commands to 2 separate Watchout display servers to activate an AUX timeline. I can do this by sending packets to the Production PC while I have each Show open but I need to be able to control each show at different times, can I send TCP commands to the Display servers? i can send Authenticate 1 and get the ready reply however when I send run xxx I get an Error 8 1  ((8=Authentication Error)(1=You Have No Authority)) am i missing a setting somewhere? 


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

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Yes, you can control display computers directly, aka cluster mode. Turn off your production computer when controlling in cluster mode. Reboot your display computer. After sending authenticate 1 send a load “yourshow” to establish cluster mode (where “yourshow” is the exact case sensitive name of your show, same as the .watch file name without the .watch portion). typically the presence of production results in the no authority error, as production locks out most control when it is present.

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