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Watchout in Ultimate Battlefield 3 360 Simulator

David Organ

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Now this You Tube movie I saw a month a so ago but I am not sure if it ever got onto the Watchout forum. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg8Bh5iI2WY


In the YouTube tags Dataton Watchout gets no mention but old hands will recognise the tell tale Watchout Menus in the movie. See 5:09, 9:11 and 11:36... Can you spot any more Watchout menus???


I also see Isadora being used...(i think) at 9:31.

Can you ask for the Dataton Watchout tags to be added into the YouTube movies Tag listing after its posted?

Without Watchout I don't think the simulator would have been possible (not strictly true of course).




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If I do remember correctly...


All 5 projection channels came out of a single WATCHOUT Display PC (equipped with a 6-output ATI card). The 6th channel was used to feed the LED pixel mapping system. Capture of the Game Computer (equipped with a Matrox TrippleToGo) came in via 3 BlackMagic Intensity cards. Live tracking via IR sensors was translated into a 16 bit (dual channel) high resolution DMX input in WATCHOUT. Impressive!!!


Fredrik S


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