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HAP Encode / QT / Etc


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About to install Watchout on a new production machine...we typically use Vegas Pro or Adobe Media Encoder to encode HAPQ content for Watchout.  So a couple of questions:


- Best place / version to download HAP family codecs so Vegas, etc can use on encode?

- Is there a way (player) to view HAP encoded media on a Windows 10 machine without installing Quicktime?  Seems that VLC, etc still don't support it. 

- Is there a way to know when playing back a HAP encoded file in Watchout that it is using the Dataton Watchout decoder?  How do I know it is not using the decoder installed when I install the HAP encoder/decoder package.


- The goal is since I'm starting with a nice clean C Drive ... I don't want to confuse Windows / Watchout with mutiple decoders etc. 








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It's not listed on the VLC features page but, according to recent posts on other forums, version 3 of VLC player does now natively support HAP playback. It seems to work, but with a HAP-alpha file, the edge of the alpha channel looks a bit nasty (flashing pixels) on my machine. Standard HAP files seem to play fine though.

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There are some issues with Hap files with embedded audio in 6.2.1, but as long as there is no audio in the files, you should be fine. The issues have been resolved, and will be included in an upcoming service release of Watchout. 

That said, the general recommendations still stand: Use separate audio and video files whenever possible, and do not install any codec pack, encoding software etc on machines running Watchout. 




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