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Control PTZ camera using string cue


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I'm trying to recall presets on a PTZoptics camera using a network port (TCP or UDP) 


The string to recall a preset is: 8x 01 04 3F 02 pp FF where pp is the memory number(=0 to 254) in hexadecimal (0x00-0xfe). 


So lets say i'm trying to recall preset # 5 (8x 01 04 3F 02 0x05 FF), ow would you enter that string in the String Cue in Watchout?


As an alternative, is there a way to send the command as the corresponding URL (http://[Camera IP]/cgi-bin/ptzctrl.cgi?ptzcmd&poscall&5) in a cue?



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Looks like standard VISCA... that 'x' after the 8 refers to the camera number. 88 is broadcast to all.


since it's hex, you would enter the commands with the '$' escape character. Here's the command to send cam 2 to preset 5:




It looks like you need to open a TCP socket on 5678 to send it PTZ commands. 


Have fun!

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It sounds like you guys are the right to ask about protocols and syntax for PTZ cameras. I am looking for documentation, and some good programming examples to start up with. Can you recommend anything? You mention VISCA protocols, which is a new protocol to me.


Best regards Christian

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Hi Christian -


VISCA is a standard control protocol created by Sony. It has been adopted by many, but often times varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and some manufacturers have entirely different protocols. Best to check the manufacturers manuals to see what they allow.


Furthermore it's worth noting that VISCA is based on RS-485(with options for 232) and is technically not a network protocol, though many cameras allow for VISCA over IP.

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