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Input Trigger (DMX or MIDI) not always working


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my problem is the following and I wanted to know if someone experianced the same or can tell me what I am doing wrong.


When I use a MIDI Controller or a Lightning Console and assign a fader to trigger an aux timeline it works approximatly 7 out of 10 times. It actually behaves the same way on MIDI and on Artnet.


In Input window I can see that tha assigned faders are working perfect.


I set the Trigger this way: aux1 >0.5||aux1 <0.3. (I changed the values even to =1 to use the flash button on the lightning console - doesn't matter). The first starts the aux timeline then stops at pause cue and the second value starts the aux again and then I put a cancel cue in there. convient way to play videos/live capture outside the main timeline...

And as I said. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.


I managed to get a workaround in the past by putting the content that should start in the aux timeline somewhere active on the mainline (on another output e.g. a preview monitor beside me) so that when the aux starts the content was already loaded. This seems to do two tricks: the trigger fader was always working and I figured out that the content stopped popping in.


I know that aux timelines are designed to load the content on the point when they are triggered and if you put the content 1 or 2 seconds after the start of the aux that's totally OK (to avoid the content popping in).


My only problem now is what am I doing wrong with the triggers? I'm programming a show with 20 videos for a theater and the lightning operator starting the cues won't accept a 7 out of 10 (and I won't even try to put 20 videos on the main timeline at the same time with opacity to zero)


thx for anyone's thoughts on that

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before I even read your reply it got into me:


Watchout 5.1

DMX/MIDI to Production


if it solves my problem for this particular case I give it a try and send DMX directly to Display but in all other cases (most of them live industrial jobs) experience told me that having the production software with an external interface is my smoothest way to run a show - just to be able to change something last minute.


thx Dimi

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  • Moderator

Hm.. sounds like a problem with the trigger mechanism. We have seen this in some cases with version 5.1. We have a beta version that I can send to you which contains a "fix" the might solve this problem. The reason we have not released this version is the soon to be released version 5.2 which have this "fix" included.


If you want to try this beta you can contact me offline directly (jme@dataton.se) and I can arrange that it will be sent to you for test.


Best regards,

Dataton Support /jme

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