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Camera capture card, 50hz.


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Hey, so now that I got my 50hz display problem out of the way, a new problem appeared, the capture cards I have doesnt support 50hz, this is a huge problem as we want that for our cameras. I got some cards I´m wondering if will work.


Card one : https://www.multicom.no/business/datapath-1-chan-hd-1/cat-p/c/p8575554

Card two : https://www.multicom.no/business/datapath-visionlc-sdi-capture-card/cat-p/c/p9509109

Card three : https://www.multicom.no/business/datapath-2-channel-3g-sdi-capture/cat-p/c/p8575558


If anyone has any others, in the same pricerange, please let me know, if these do not work. 

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  • Dataton Partner

Datapath capture cards usually have no problems in capturing 50fps. We have used several cards and have the visionAV-SDI in our rental systems.

Also usable are the cards from Magewell or Blackmagic. We have sold some Magewell cards but do not use those in our own systems. We used Blackmagic cards in the past but stopped due to the rather flaky drivers. 

Datapath has the best support for WATCHOUT. They even have their own WATCHOUT system in the UK for testing. 


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I used to have BM cards, but ever so often, they were unstabile. Couldn't find the reason, and no support from BM. I changed to Datapath capture cards, and they are super stabile. They are used in a TV studio, in a 24/7 News station, so they are really used to the max. I recommend a daily restart of the system. Only experienced one or two issues, during the last 2 years. I think that system stability comes before anything else. Just my 10 cents.

Best regards Christian 

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