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Error - Facility 34934


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Hello Dataton community. 


I have a gig coming up in a few days. I went to start programming my show and when I opened Watchout Production I got an ERROR - Facility 34934. I did update to 6.2.2.... I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Even old versions do not work anymore. Any idea what is going on here.

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Error Facility 34934:

Usually occurs with Production PC, and is caused by using the Windows Std VGA graphics Adapter driver (seen in Device Manager>Display Adapters).

Solution is to install and/or point Windows to use the 3rd party Graphics Adapter/driver, or if you are using the onboard graphics adapter (i.e. have a motherboard with the 'Intel HD Graphics Family' or 'Intel Basic Display Adapter' range of adapters/drivers), install this from the motherboard CD or from Intel's website. However, with this range of onboard Intel graphics adapters, Watchout itself may give a warning that some features may not display properly.

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