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Graphic Card for Watchout 5


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I'd say that any AMD card that is qualified to run up to 6 displays in an Eyefinity array is fine for a 4-6 Display Watchout 5 system. For instance, just about any AMD Radeon 6970 card that supports 6 displays. Just make sure to pair it with a beefy CPU like a 6 Core AMD or Intel processor or a Quad Core i7 Sandy Bridge.

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But notice, that you need to connect Display 4 till 6 with Displayport. I´ve got that problem last time want to connect 3 DVI-Outputs. But that´s not possible, only the first two works with DVI. The PC detects the third Display but can´t activate it with DVI needs DP. Found a Solution with an active miniDisplayport to DVI- Dongle for about 130$.

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