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Watchout to watchpax


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Sorry if those questions have been asked before, I'm new to the forum and to Watchout/watchpax (just started this morning !).I'm a new worker in an aquarium in France where they have a Producer/Player system and a few Watchpax 2 devices.

My question is simple: how can you load a video from the Watchout producer (version 5.5.1) straight to a Watchpax 2 ? The Watchout player PC is gone (dead motherboard).

I can see the watchpax in the network from the Watchout software, I created a display the size of the video footage (1920x2160) and imported the footage in it, changed the preferences and went online, I just don't know how to acces the watchpax or load the video.

The watchpax will be plugged to a projector to run the same 10min video all day, so that's not a complicated thing I believe !

Thanks a lot for your help !



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