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PNG Sequences not playing


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I have 8 folders of png sequences, some folders play fine (3) and some do not (5 folders).

The pngs are 2280 x 915 with alpha.

The sequences are numbered from 1 to 1500. (So they're not real long).
When the Sequence is placed on Watchout timeline (the media cue shows an icon of the first frame) but when played back the stage window and the display computers are blank/black.


Here's what I've checked:

1.  There is no Break in the numbering sequence in the folders.
2.  The size of each individual png is not the issue (the png sequence that plays best has the largest file sizes  500- 1800kb)
3.  The png sequences were made by the client an engineering firm that does 3-D CAD drawings. (not by aftereffects or video editing software)


Any ideas on what is going on?

I have my suspicions...




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