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Size of the Display for true output to Screens


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I am pretty new to the WATCHOUT software .


I have a show: 1 – horizontal Screen (1920 x 1080) with 2 vertical (608x1080) screens on either side (see link for diagrams)

All the Media/Videos are created in the same sizes (1920 x 1080 Horizontal and 608x1080 Vertical)




All Projectors will be projecting at 1920x1080 on every screen (and this cannot change).


Here is my problem.


There is a ball that flies from one screen to another. It has to stay the same size.

In WATCHOUT, if I set the “Size of the Display” to 608x1080; then set “Display Resolution” output to the screen at 1920x 1080.


The ball will be too small when flying thru the vertical screens…right? And I know I only have 50% difference between the “Size of the Display” and “Display Resolution”.


What should the “Size of the Display” be set at to get the ball the right size?


Thanks ahead of time for everyone's help.


K Kim

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I believe you need to set the side displays' stage size to 1080 wide and 608 tall, then rotate them by 90 degrees. This will show them with the same height in the Stage window (i.e. 1080 pixels tall). Keep the resolution 1920x1080 (which I understand is the display's native res). Then try moving a still image across in WATCHOUT

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