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RGBE2S freezing servers

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i am using datapath RGBE2S capture card. When feed is coming its working fine. When feed is disconnected, screen shows no signal. But when feed come back again, watchout hangs. Now i have to restart the server. 

I also uses datapath AVSDI. it does not work the same way. Either signal is on or of, it works. 

Any one facing issue with RBGE2S?

another issue. 

When connected to a LED screen, if i put a plain backdrop or any image, screen is fine. But as soon i put live camera feed or laptop feed (using RGBE2S) in pip, the screen flickers after every small bit. Any suggestions. 

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Others have posted here on this issue, it appears to be the nature of that card/driver. The simple workaround is to keep the input active at all times. Depends on the features you are using how to go about that. For example, if you are not using standby for anything else, place a Live video cue from time 0 to end of the show on the MAIN Timeline, and make that a standby layer. You never need to actually go into standby. All cues on standby layers are active at all times, whether hidden or visible. So your regular cues will work as always, but when the input is not on screen from your regular cues, it is still active but not displayed, via the standby layer. If you are using standby, there are other techniques.

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